Don’t Ask…

Don’t ask where and why
What do you want to know?
What answer do you want to receive?
You want to hear, to understand?
You wonder, is it love?
If you feel so much that you just can’t.
If you think too much that still, you stand
Then yes, it is love…
Are you scared? No promise has been given,
No answer has been missed.
The present is sweet, incredible and ideal.
The future elusive, vague, ironic.
That’s why a promise is what I don’t give.
That’s why a promise is what I don’t expect
And if you ask me where do I bet,
Where do I built, where do I walk
One thing is what I’ll say.
The present is sweet, incredible, ideal…
By Eleni Vorepoulou


2014 in review

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Hold me, kiss me, feel me, see me! How about that!

How about that!

Two individuals were drawn together by a struck of luck.

Hold me, it feels right to be in your arms

Hold me; nothing is more than I need, nothing is like your touch.


Kiss me; let me sink into your lips

Kiss me; you are the one I was meant to kiss.


Feel me, a caress by your hand, makes me the one I truly am.


See me; through your eyes I see who I am

See me; nothing is more than true than what I am to you.


How about that!

I’ll hold you as far and as long as I can.

How about that!

How strange to roam on the same path.

By Eleni Voreopoulou

Body Language

I close my eyes…

And all I see is darkness.

I take a breath…

And I feel the air, empowering my body.

I hear my heart, she’s talking…

But nothing makes sense to my head.


I feel my body strangling…

Every cell trying to do its work

But now I see…

They are not working as one,

But each one has its own little dream.

By Eleni Voreopoulou

Intense feeling

I feel you, I know you; I fear you.

Can it be real? Can what I feel be real?

You feel me, you know me; you fear me.

Do you believe? Can it be real?


Our roads crossed. Will we stay on that crossroad?

Or will we just meet, say pleased to meet you and go on our way?

Our roads crossed. Our eyes met. Our hearts melt.

Can we be mend if we get hurt?


My heart bits fast, like a fast ride on a bike.

My heart bits fast, like a fall from the sky.

This feeling makes me fly but when my wings fall off

Will I fall from the sky?


Your touch, your smell, your taste

Everything about you feels like a part of me left behind.

Your touch, your smell, your taste

Will they wear off and leave me behind?


I said I was afraid, I lied…

I am terrified

I laugh, I smile but deep down inside

The old scars of mine

Remind me not to trust, not to give, not to love.


But shshsh, hash

Let yourself live, let yourself love; let yourself give.

And if we fall, my love

We will just rise, mend and be wise.

Μελλον μου και παρελθον μου

Αναμνήσεις και εικόνες, κάνουν βόλτα στο μυαλό
και ας μη θέλω να θυμάμαι, τίποτα από το παρελθόν.
Ξέρω πως δεν είναι λάθος, να κοιτώ πάντα μπροστά,
κάθε μέρα είναι καινούργια, στο ταξίδι της καρδιάς.
Και γι’ αυτό εγώ δεν ζω, περπατώντας πίσω μπρος.
Ζω μονάχα στο δικό μου, μέλλον μου και παρελθόν μου.
Στίχοι: Ελένη Βορεοπούλου

Λογια Αληθινα

Μιλάς, μιλάς και νόημα δε βγάζεις.
Λες λόγια μεγάλα, πολλά και με τρομάζεις.
Λόγια χωρίς βάση και αιτία και όλα αυτά για την ίδια ιστορία.
Προσπαθείς και θέλεις να με ρίξεις.
Το νοιώθω, το βλέπω, πως θες να με τυλίξεις.
Λόγια του αέρα όμως είναι αυτά.
Μην πιστεύεις πως τα παίρνω και πολύ στα σοβαρά.
Έχω ζήσει άντρες που λένε πολλά.
Το αστείο είναι πως αρκετά από αυτά.
Με κάνουν και νοιώθω καλά.
και ας ξέρω πως στέκονται σε βάση, που δεν είναι από γερή κράση.
Μίλα μου αληθινά και δεν θα χάσεις.
Μην κρύβεσαι πίσω από λόγια όμορφα,  για να με ενθουσιάσεις.
Μίλα μου αληθινά και δεν θα χάσεις.
Στίχοι: Ελένη Βορεπούλου